Made By People Lab is a creative agency delivering meaningful impact

We create awareness around urban issues and use different creative disciplines to explore and improve liveability in cities.

We deliver impact in collaboration with municipalities, organisations, and citizens.

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We connect and mobilize citizens, help raise awareness about urban issues, and encourage participation in cities.

Our community has been built through our network of cities around the world.




We host an array of dynamic experiences throughout the year to educate and challenge citizens within their own surroundings.

With experiences, we spark ideas, explore urban issues, and address them collaboratively.




We see the city as our playground, in which our ‘Projects, Ideas and Experiences’ can be tested and carried out in various contexts.

We explore new perspectives and   solutions particular to places.




We work with organisations & brands to collaboratively deliver projects and realize ideas that have an impact on our cities.

We facilitate collective intentions between the city, brands and citizens.

1 network, 20+ cities, 100+ correspondents

Founded in 2014, A City Made By People is an international network of cities and local correspondents, exchanging insights on city life, creativity and culture. Through weekly features online, a bi-annual print journal, local speaker events, and collaborations/projects, our mission is to celebrate and support citizens making our cities more liveable. 



AMSTERDAM - For ed. #23 we gathered around to hear stories of Amsterdam as a smart city, crowdfunding for the arts, Dutch/African streetwear, and light pollution and its effects!

TRICITY - Last month, Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdańsk (or also known as a Tricity) started supporting the idea of car-sharing with Traficar. And we're the 5th city in Poland to do so!

MADRID - Sala Babel has gained a special status in Madrid by creating a place where communities gather for mindfulness workshops, movie nights, theatre plays, concerts, and plenty more. Let's meet the co-owners, Carlos & Ana.

PARIS - Born in Paris, Anticafé is aiming to be that cozy space in the centre of every large city around the world. How about Amsterdam next?

COPENHAGEN - Let's join Charlotte as she meets arki_lab, an urban design firm adopting and sharing the new paradigm of designing cities with (and not just for) people.

LISBON - Our print journal on the shelves of Undercover store in Lisbon. Just stunning!

Over the years we've been very fortunate to extend our network with creative, like-minded, and talented individuals from cities around the world. Our current roster of cities (and more to be launched soon) includes:

Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Bucharest, Bristol, Chicago, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Odessa, Oslo, Paris, Rotterdam, Seattle, Tokyo, Tricity, Turin, Vancouver.