Over the last 3 years we have built an international network of citizens capturing and sharing life and culture in cities.
In the next 5 years we intend to mobilize our network and communities to actively work on making our cities more liveable.


20 cities + 100 correspondents - A collective intention

Since launching A City Made By People in 2014, it has been our intention to build a global network of like-minded citizens. Correspondents who know that their cities are more than a collection of hotspots, and that the human, social context provides a sense of belonging, acceptance and direction on what is trending and how a city is evolving. After all, it’s people who give our cities life and meaning.

From Vancouver to Melbourne, from Tricity to Tokyo, there’s something that binds and drives us, an urge to share our insights and exchange knowledge with fellow citizens.

“Social context gives us a sense of belonging, acceptance & direction on what is trending and how a city is evolving.”

Capture, show and share - An exchange of knowledge

Correspondents have shared their cultural enthusiasm across weekly online features, in our bi-annual print journal and via the opportunity to host local speaker events and build community. And it’s time to take the next step, together.


The next step: Made By People Lab

Our vision in launching Made By People Lab, is to take our brand further and meaningfully engage with cities. Powered by our network, Made by People Lab is a facilitation agency celebrating and supporting liveability in cities.

Cities are constantly in flux: growing, evolving or declining. But how does that affect liveability? What role do citizens play in the decision-making, and what topics concern them? And, how do we envisage our cities of the future?

We discovered our fellow citizens want to have these conversations and to be involved in shaping their environments. So our purpose at Made by People Lab is to provide a platform and the tools to empower people to have a positive impact on their city.

“We celebrate & support citizens who make our cities more liveable.”

Creativity x Liveability

Using creativity as the framework to collectively address city themes and issues, our aim is to engage and encourage citizens, brands and organisations to make cities more liveable.

Through multi-platform experiences, talks, events, workshops, activations and assignments, we intend to explore a range of city themes including: mobility, the environment, sustainability, social cohesion, mental health, education, housing.

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A team of city enthusiasts

Made By People Lab was created by a collective of idealists, urban strategists, and creative visionaries with a shared goal of making our cities more liveable.


Likeminded partners

With our network, we’re not bound to one city. So wherever you are, if you want to get involved as a committed citizen or sponsoring partner to make your city more liveable, we would love to hear from you.